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Santee Claus

December 23, 2018 | Day 8

I woke up without an alarm at 6:30am. From my perspective inside the tent (and without my glasses on) it looked dark outside. I unzipped the mesh to take a closer look and saw the last bit of night aglow- fluorescent pinks and blues filled the horizon and a big full moon still hung above in the light blue sky.

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Lake Cuyamaca

Day 5 | December 20, 2018

I am always ravenous in the morning. On a thru hike I usually wake up and eat whatever I can find in my bag: cookies, cliff bars, etc. This last reupply I made more of an effort to bring whole foods and this morning, instead of starting my day with processed sugary treats, I had vegan cashew cream cheese, figs, and a carrot.

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Staying Healthy On Trail

If you’re like me, nutrition is one of your main concerns when you’re planning your backcountry expeditions. At home I am used to eating fresh fruits and vegetables, something I miss when I’m backpacking. My goal is to come up with better ways to stay healthy on trail and increase the amount of whole foods I carry with me.

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