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Walking Towards Home

May 27th–June 3rd, 2017 | Days 15–22

It was business as usual upon arriving to Big Bear. We miraculously made it to the post office within the one hour they were open at the start of this holiday weekend. We were early in fact.

Trail is inspiring for more than it's picturesque scenery -- it's the people we meet along the way. I get excited to meet others that share my same crazy passions. And I love to hear their ambitions and dreams, dreams that don't stop at the end of the PCT.

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Finding My Family

May 15th–18th, 2017 | Days 3–7

Cold and windy in Mt. Laguna. I left the lodge with good intentions to hike out but the local outfitters store had other plans. I popped in to ask for help with my back sores and fell into the "shake down" trap. (shake down = experienced backpacker going through your things, one by one, and telling you what to get rid of).

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