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Long Way Home

July 28, 2018

Waking up on the side of the road feels different than waking up in the woods. The sour stench of soggy hiker clothes combined with the petrified sulfuric smell that has been so well preserved in my sleeping bag, sits stagnant in my car. I open the side door and gasp for air. Groggy-eyed I reach for my contact lenses and then slip into the front driver seat in search of a bathroom, as I am pretty sure there’s a $1 million fine for digging a cat hole on the side of the Million Dollar Scenic Byway.

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Lake City to Molas Pass

Day 27 | July 21, 2018

We spent the morning sitting at a real table, eating leftovers, and working on a crossword puzzle. In retrospect, this scene doesn't sound very exciting, but in the moment it felt like luxury. Thru-hiking takes me away from the ordinary comforts of home and when I return I feel a much stronger joy for the simple moments I so often take for granted.

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