Battling Blisters

Day 29


Today we hiked 20 miles along the Leona Divide trail race course and hitched a ride to The Anderson's aka Casa de Luna. We were greeted by new and old friends.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! and Utah Aaron were already there waiting. Jake aka Fresh Meat (formerly Gear Head) was excited to see us and joined us for dinner.

We made it just in time for taco salads -- I had two full plates.


Terry, the owner of Casa de Luna, made each of us dance for her in order to get a class of 2017 PCT bandanna. I wanted nothing to do with public dancing but when we were allowed to go up as a group, I didn't hesitate (mostly because I had no choice).

We all lounged around in the evening and made new friends with Peacock and Shine On who were in the middle of purchasing gear for the Sierra. Everyone is talking about the Sierra...


 Day 30

I've been struggling with blister pain in my feet and it's been impacting my ability to "crush" this trail. I spent most of the day hiking alone and although I enjoyed the surprising beauty of the Lake Hughes area every step felt like a struggle. Today was also our first somewhat gloomy day. The sky remained overcast all day which was helpful for avoiding the heat.


I was the last person to arrive to the campsite but it felt good (once again) to be greeted by smiles, friends, and people who care.

I laid in my tent resting my feet while Cosmo made a fire and Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! and Utah Aaron started to cook food. Eventually, I too came out to join everyone.

Day 31 

I woke up this morning to discover the baffling had started to come undone in my sleeping pad which had developed a tumor. I immediately called Therm-a-Rest and thank goodness they were more than willing to send me a new one. Although, the next few days should be interesting for my

sleep posture.


My foot still felt agitated in the morning so I decided to numb my pain with ibuprofen. It helped for most of the day and I was able to enjoy the trail as it winded through manzanita trees and around sweeping canyons showing off views of green mountain sides.

Today was another milestone. 500 miles!



It took a while today before I started to feel good in my hiking feet again. It was the sunset hours, when the light dances off the mountains making a beautiful show out of shadows. I could see Hikertown in the distance and I was happy to be "home".