PCT 2019: Desert Redemption


For our summer vacation Cosmo and I decided we would spend a month and a half walking in the Sierra Nevada. We made plans to hike the High Sierra Trail and explore new territory in our favorite mountain range. Much like our 2017 Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike, the snowpack this year was high, resulting in a late snow melt on the high mountain passes.

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Tonto West

Day 1 | April 13th, 2019

Nothing prepares you for the Grand Canyon. No matter how many times you read about it or see it pictured, it still takes your breath away. Your mind, unable to deal with anything on this scale, just shuts down and for many long moments you are a human vacuum, without speech or breath, but just a deep, inexpressible awe that anything on this earth could be so vast, so beautiful, so silent. - Bill Bryson

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Santee Claus

December 23, 2018 | Day 8

I woke up without an alarm at 6:30am. From my perspective inside the tent (and without my glasses on) it looked dark outside. I unzipped the mesh to take a closer look and saw the last bit of night aglow- fluorescent pinks and blues filled the horizon and a big full moon still hung above in the light blue sky.

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Lake Cuyamaca

Day 5 | December 20, 2018

I am always ravenous in the morning. On a thru hike I usually wake up and eat whatever I can find in my bag: cookies, cliff bars, etc. This last reupply I made more of an effort to bring whole foods and this morning, instead of starting my day with processed sugary treats, I had vegan cashew cream cheese, figs, and a carrot.

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