Lani Advokat

The Colorado Trail

465 miles across the Colorado Rocky Mountains


Summer is when we believe, all of a sudden, that if we just walked out the back door and kept on going long enough and far enough we would reach the Rocky Mountains.
— Edward Hoagland





485 miles from Denver to Durango traversing through the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Average Elevation: 10,000 ft
Highest Point: 13,271 ft.

The trail is open to hikers, equestrians, pack animals, and mountain bikers (however bicycles are prohibited in designated wilderness areas). For more information about planning, maps, and routes - check out The Colorado Trail Foundation.



Blackwoods Press : Colorado Trail itineraries
The Colorado Trail Foundation : Non-profit organization that operates and maintains the trail .
The Continential Divide Coalition : Provides recourses for the Continential Divide Trail.
Guthook Guides : Map-based smartphone navigational guides. Amazing resource to bring along on your hike!
PMags: Backpacking advice made easy.

Example of a day of food

Example of a day of food

I will try to stay open to surprises and to my story unfolding as it happens.



Denver to Breckenridge

104 mi // 4.5 days

June 25 | Waterton Canyon
Journey begins...


Breckenridge to Twin Lakes

71 mi // 3.5 days

June 30 | Post Office

Lani Advokat | CT Hiker
c/o General Delivery
Breckenridge, CO 80424
(970) 547-0347


Twin Lakes to Monarch Crest

86 mi // 4 days

July 5 | Twin Lakes General Store

Lani Advokat | CT Hiker
c/o Twin Lakes General Store
6451 E Hwy 82
Twin Lakes, CO 81251
(719) 486-2196


Monarch Crest to Twin Lakes

86 mi // 4 days

July 9 | Monarch Crest Store (UPS Only)

Lani Advokat | CT Hiker
c/o Monarch Crest Store
24500 Hwy 50 West
Salida, CO 81201


Monarch Crest to Lake City ,

97 mi // 4 days

*End Collegiate Loop
Resupply in Twin Lakes - hitch back to Monarch Crest - resume on trail.

July 14 | Twin Lakes General Store

Lani Advokat | CT Hiker
c/o Twin Lakes General Store
6451 E Hwy 82
Twin Lakes, CO 81251
(719) 486-2196


Lake City to Molas Pass

53 mi // 2.5 days

July 19 | The Raven's Rest Hostel (UPS or FedEx Only)

Lani Advokat | CT Hiker
c/o The Raven's Rest Hostel
207 North Gunnison Avenue
Lake City, CO 81235


Molas Pass to Durango

74 mi // 3.5 days

July 23 | Molas Lake Campground

Lani Advokat | CT Hiker
c/o Molas Lake Campground
65560 US Hwy 550 N
Silverton, CO 81433




Tahoe Tent Day1.jpg
Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity
— Albert Einstein

Having the right gear can be a game changing on a long distance trek. My Pack list for the The Colorado Trail is almost identical to I took on the PCT, JMT and TRT. 



  • Toothbrush: Radius Travel Size
  • Floss: (can be used as thread for a sewing kit)
  • Toothpaste: Travel size
  • Face Wipes

First Aid





    Goal: Light weight, high calorie, vegan friendly grub.

    Because I was prepping all of my resupply boxes at once, I did my best to keep the contents of my boxes varied. Below are some examples of my daily snacks.

      Video: Packing my last resupply box (time-lapse)