Road Trip

June 22, 2018

After checking my list, doubting my list, rewriting my list, and eventually crossing everything (mostly) off of my list, I made it out the door. 

I left my apartment at 7:30pm and drove just a few hours to the Mojave Desert. I found an open, sandy spot in BLM land and parked my car for the night. After sitting in the unnatural cool of my car’s air conditioner, I was shocked to see 100 degrees on my thermometer. It was nighttime and the only light came from the moon, a few stars, and the unfortunate Las Vegas glow on the horizon. 

Not many cars turn off the highway onto this road, but when they do, it sounds more like a plane taking off on a runway than a car zooming by. 

I’m alone for the night, with the exception of the evening coyote calls. It’s peaceful out here. Quiet, warm, and with a soothing cool breeze. 


June 24, 2018

Yesterday was spent on a long drive through the heat of northern Arizona on my way to meet Cosmo in Durango. I pulled in at midnight, exhausted, to my friend Vince’s apartment where we caught a few hours’ rest on the living room floor. We woke up, packed our bags and said farewell to Vince. Already, I am incredibly grateful by the support of the people in my life.


We left Durango and took the scenic highways 160 and 285 to Denver. From the road we caught glimpses of the San Juans, the Collegiate Peaks and parts of the Colorado Trail we would soon return to on foot.

We got into Denver late and stayed the night with Cosmo’s friend Brian.

One more night in a real bed before heading out into the woods!