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Trout Lake

 Sept. 14th-19th, 2017 | Days 124-129

Mama G and Lynn have been some of the most amazing trail angels! Lynn took the four of us into the town of Packwood to send off our extra food. The trail conditions are changing so fast around us that we have decided to just plan for what's right in front of us. We sent our extra food to Timberline Lodge and plan to hike from White Pass to Trout Lake and assess the situation from there.

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Up, Down, and Lakes

Sept. 10th-14th | Days 119-124

After checking out of the hotel, Cosmo and I meandered into town. A friend of mine, John Z, happened to be nearby and came to hang out for the afternoon. The last time I saw John we were running 35 miles across Joshua Tree National Park. He's a legend on the PCT and in a lot of ways has helped me prepare for this trip. It was nice to spend time in town and catch up with him.

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Up In Smoke

Sept. 4th-8th, 2017  | Days 115-119

Most of the morning hike was spent tucked away in a dense, chilly forest, with glimpses through the branches of the jagged peaks around us. The trail feels crowded this morning as every half hour another round of northbound hikers passes by. We must be getting close to crossing paths with the big northbound hiker herd. Around 1:30pm, amidst a huge and seemingly endless climb, I dropped into a gorgeous canyon filled with fall colors and flowing water.

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NoBo No Mo'!

Aug. 29th-Sept. 3rd, 2017 | Days 109-114

First day hiking in Washington and it did not disappoint! Forrest and Brady joined us for the first 10 miles of our hike, and Brady loved his new persona as protective trail dog. 

The air was smokey from fires in British Columbia, but not nearly as bad as it was in Northern California. Other than the smoke, the skies were clear and the temperature was warm and comfortable. The trail was breathtaking and full of colors. We skirted around mountains, traversed across ridge lines, and emerged in and out of dense forest.

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