Get In The Groove

Day 1

2:00pm - Aaron dropped me off at the southern terminus and after 30 minutes of photos and goodbyes, I was on my way.

2:30pm - Got a late start to the trail (as per usual) but the conditions were perfect. Clear skies, warm weather, and happy feet.

It took a minute for my mind to slow down to the pace of this endeavor. Last minute life worries spiraled around in my head like water funneling up at a drain. 'Did I lock the door at home?', 'Did I finish everything for work?', 'Do I have everything I need?', 'Will the cats be okay?' Eventually the last drop of these thoughts sank down with the slowly setting sun, and I found myself in the tranquility of trail life.

Day 2

Everything hurts and I can not stop eating.

Breakfast: Cookies, avocado wrap, oatmeal, sunflower seeds, cranberries.

2nd Breakfast: crystal light and green powder drink, olives, walnut chocolate bar, mint chocolate fig bar, mixed nuts, jolly ranchers, jelly beans.

Lunch: Beer, avocado and field roast wrap, Tings (vegan cheetos), more jolly ranchers.

Dinner: Field roast wraps (x2), jalapeño kettle chip, more cookies, more candy.

2nd Dinner: Pretzels, beer, an apple and a bath.

How do I have all these snacks left over!? 

How do I have all these snacks left over!? 

I hiked the last two miles into town with two other backpackers, Marissa and James. Marissa skips effortlessly and quickly down the trail while James and I chat about the guitar he has strapped to his pack. James just graduated college and majored in music composition. He hopes to write his next album while hiking the Pacific Creat Trail. When we got to town we split ways. James had family in town and he and Marissa would spend the night with them. The cold came in quick, and without astealth camp spot in sight I splurged on a hotel room. Not a good habit to get into so early on, but boy did that warm bed feel good! 

I managed 41.2 miles in a day and a half and my body is screaming! Blisters between my toes. Bruises on my legs. And, tennis ball sized pack rash spots on my low back. Have I painted a beautiful picture yet? Dont worry. Despite my growing pains, I don't think I've had a single smileless moment on trail. I know I'm still getting into the groove. Still adjusting.

I think today I'll take my time, rests bit, and eat some breakfast potatoes in Mt. Laguna